Lily Hill: The Garden of Eden

As we took the curve in the road the hemp fields began to cascade towards us with Belvedere Mountain setting the backdrop to this literal Garden of Eden.

Belvedere Mountain, backdrop to a sea of hemp.

We crested the hill and looked south at the stunning view looking down the spine of the Green Mountains and inhaled the sweet skunky smell of ripe hemp buds ready for harvest.

Garden of Eden

Green Hut CBD's CEO and COO, Meg Burns & Mark Drutman (below) took a trip to visit the DiGiuseppe's who own and run Lily Hill CBD.

Green Hut opened in February of 2019, so this was our first growing season to visit the farmers who grow the products we sell. We wanted to go directly to the source to see how the hemp that becomes the CBD you purchase is grown. The DiGiuseppe's pride themselves on organic growing methods, as Lily Hill's hemp is NOFAVT Certified Organic.

Zinnias and hemp are perfect companions.

This was not your run of the mill hemp farm. The rows of hemp plants were peppered with zinnias, sunflowers, and a monarch or two fluttered about. The hemp was planted with care with grass between the rows (instead of sheet plastic that some farms use). Organic and sustainable growing practices are a focus at Lily Hill and it's apparent at first sight.

The DiGiuseppe's: John & Rebecca

The land they grow on was formerly a Christmas tree farm. Rebecca & John found this patch of land a few years ago, and when they saw the view from the top of the hill they knew they had to grow there.

A hemp flower rainbow.

Rebecca also grows many of the ingredients in their popular CBD Salve. The CBD Salve features lavender, calendula, and arnica all which are grown organically on the premises:

Every proper hemp farm should have a garden gnome, and Lily Hill's resident gnome Jerry looks over the land and makes sure the hemp is tended in a kind manner.

We'd like to thank Rebecca and John for letting us tour their heavenly farm. We can't wait to visit again!

Happy Hemp

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